The Proven Model to Make Money Through Content in 30 Days

August 19, 2022


Getting hired right now is tough.

If you’re looking for a job, you need a plan to make the hiring company money ASAP.

Better yet, give them a guarantee.

Most businesses are willing to invest in marketing if they can see an ROI in a reasonable time frame. Below is our playbook for earning dollars through content in 30 days. Use it and prosper.

First, let’s start with what not to do.

Your impulse is going to be to waste time on details. You’ll want the perfect name, the correct content strategy to use, or the best possible tech stack.

Don’t worry about any of those things.

You’ll improve the details later. Right now the goal is to get money coming in. Here’s how:

Identify your target customer

Simple, but crucial. Who are you talking to exactly? Is this a current customer? A new target prospect? Get specific.

Solve their biggest problem

Next, you need to solve your customer’s biggest problem. Doesn’t matter if your business has solved this problem before or not. You need to focus on the most critical thing your customer is thinking about every single day.

Record yourself solving that problem

Finally, we create.

You’ll do this in a long-form format. Long-form content will allow you to repurpose it across many platforms. The golden goose of content marketing.

Distribute every core piece you create as many assets. Think: LinkedIn posts, Youtube shorts, Instagram Reels, etc.

Make your content work for you.


You’ve done the work and earned the right to pitch your business to the customer. Here are 3 pitches you can use:

  1. Knowledge: offer to teach your customer how to solve the problem on their own. This could look like an email course, an e-book on gumroad, a video course, etc.
  2. Product: offer your customer a tool that will help them solve the problem. This might be a simple SaaS tool or no-code solution.
  3. Service: offer to solve the problem for your customer. This looks like agency services or contracted work.

If you follow these steps and make a compelling offer, you’ll be able to start earning dollars in just 30 days.

Brand building advertisements that result in revenue? There isn’t a hiring manager or owner alive who would turn down that deal.